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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spanish Signature

Acidity: 0.2 | Crop: December 2014 | Polyphenol: 263

Some oils are made from single fruit, while other, more complex oils are made from several types of olives. We've selected three varieties; Arbequina, Picual, and Hojiblanca,...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - California Arbequina, Arbosana & Koroneiki

Acidity: 0.3 | Crop: Fall 2014 | Polyphenol: 300

A wonderful complex extra virgin olive oil with a very fresh, fruity beginning followed by the perfect amount of a pungent/peppery finish. Medium to robust flavor and aroma.

Organic - Balsamic Vinegar of Modena - Premium Quality - Limited Edition
Produced only with the first quality grapes that have been cultivated under the guidelines of organic agricultural methods. These methods protect the environment by reducing the use of...
Naturally Flavored EVOO - Black Truffle
The flavour of black truffles is far less pungent and more refined than that of white truffles. It is reminiscent of fresh earth and mushrooms, and when fresh, their scent fills a room almost instantly.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spanish Picual

Acidity: 0.3 | Crop: December 2014 | Polyphenol: 248

Intense fruity flavor with a bold peppery kick and fresh herbal notes.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Italian (Umbria)

Acidity: 0.3 | Crop: November 2014 | Polyphenol: 675

Varietal: Frantoio, Leccino, Ogliarola and Rotondella Country of Origin: Italy Umbrian Region

The Umbrian region is just east of Tuscany, north of Rome and west of the Marches, nestled in the center of Italy.  This landlocked small region is also host to Italy’s largest lake, Traimeno.  Medieval in character, this beautiful land has rolling hills dotted with castles, fortresses and watch towers.  Many monasteries were founded by a host of local saints.  The valleys are laced with countless gleaming rivers.

Olives are as natural here as the people that inhabit the region.  The olives are collected by the hand-picked, shaker style and harvest takes place in November.  The color is golden with a light green cast.

The taste is sweet with a bitter and soft pungent sensation with a herbaceous aroma.  Very Rich in Polyphenols and “Oleuropeine”.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spanish Hojiblanca

Acidity: 0.2 | Crop: November 2014 | Polyphenol: 225

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Hojiblanca

Spain is synonymous with olive trees.  Reliable references to cultivars date from the 15th century, and those cultivar names are the same as those used today in the same areas.  The Spanish Hojiblanca is a hardy olive that ripens late in the harvest season.   Rich in vegetable notes with a hint of artichokes, aroma is fresh and lively.  A long finish on the palate with a slight peppery finish. The flavor works well with citrus and fresh melons.  For an appetizer that everyone will remember, pair a fresh mozarella with Italian style deli meats by hand rolling them together, then garnish with Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive oil. Hopefully there will be some left for your guest!

Bottles - 12/375 ML Bordelese - UVAG
12/375 ML Bordelese - UVAG Dimensions: L 9.3" x W 2.3"
Bottles - 24/60 ML  Marasca - Clear
24/60 ML Marasca Bottles - Clear Dimensions: L 4.15" x W 1.6"
Accessories - Fusti - 15 Liter Stainless Steel w/ Spigot
NSF CERTIFIED DIMENSIONS: Diameter 11 1/4" x Height 12 1/4" -- with base: 20.25" Sansone, Europa Model, Italian 18/10 Stainless Steel Fusti. NSF Certified and manufactured with superior quality and unparalleled craftsmanship.
Vinegar - Modena 25 Star Balsamic Vinegar
25 Star Quality - Unlike Any Other Dark as night with a heavenly thick consistency and a sweet, pungent taste that delights all the senses. The true artisan quality product from centuries old recipes...
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Acidity: 0.26 | Crop: Winter 2014

This is the choice for that budget conscious buyer that is looking for a good economical all purpose extra virgin olive oil for every day use.

Bottles - Dorica Assortment - Antique Green
Dimensions: 100ml - Width 3 1/4 Height 4 1/4 250ml - Width 1 15/16 Height: 9 3/16 500ml - Width:2 3/ 8 Height: 11
Accessories - 2 in 1 Olive Oil and Vinegar Sprayer
PLEASE READ: Instructions on First Time Use Before Purchasing This Product.

The 2 in 1 Oil and Vinegar Sprayer is a great accessory for your olive oil store or business. Whether you want an all oil, vinegar or combination of both is up to you. You control the mixture of oil and vinegar from 100% oil to 100% vinegar or 60/40. The amount of vinegar and oil mixture is completely up to you. The 2 in 1 Oil and Vinegar sprayer is constructed with a ABS and SST finish that give it a premium feel. Cleaning is simple. Wipe down the sprayer with a damp cloth and your done! Refilling is easy. With a slight twist of the nozzle you can unlock the base of the sprayer. When your done lock twist once more and lock it into place.

Bottles - 12/200 ML Stephanie - Clear
Dimensions "L 10 15/16 x W 1 7/8"
What's New
Pantry Item - Barbeque Sauce - 3/100 ML. BBQ SAMPLER
Accessories - 1 Liter Stainless Steel Classica Decanter

DIMENSIONS: Width 3 3/4" (5 1/2" including handle) - Height 7 1/2"
Bring a touch of European elegance to the table with our 1 liter Sansone Italian Stainless Steel Classica decanter.

Wholesale Balsamic Vinegar Sold in Bulk

Cibaria International's commitment to high quality Balsamic Vinegar is what makes Cibaria one of the most sought after wholesale balsamic vinegar suppliers in the nation. We sell balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, flavored balsamic vinegars, real honey balsamic vinegar and organic balsamic vinegar. Select from one of our many flavors and buy in Bulk! Our commitment to high quality extends to our customer service and website. When you sign up for a reseller account with Cibaria you get up-to-date pricing, wishlists, easy account management and a one-click repurchasing option for past orders. What are you waiting for?

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Almond Crème is one of the most amazingly rich smooth balsamic we offer.  Adding a luscious sweet crème flavor with almond overtones, this one is perfection.  You’ll want to use it everywhere.  We sampled it in hot teas, drizzled over French Vanilla ice cream, as a cupcake topping, and marinade for Pears before baking, my favorite - stirred into cream cheese then stuffed in to French toast.  And for the health conscious, try it in your next protein shake.

Balsamic Vinegar - Almond Crème

Combining the sweet flavor of ripe summer apricots with this rich, full-bodied balsamic vinegar creates an exceptional taste experience.

Balsamic Vinegar - Apricot

Bittersweet Chocolate Orange Balsamic Vinegar is scrumptious! Rich, decadent bittersweet chocolate with an overlay of luscious fresh picked orange flavor. Quickly developing a devoted following! Use it on fresh fruit, grilled steaks, barbequed chicken, ribs, cakes, the list is endless.

Balsamic Vinegar - Bittersweet Chocolate Orange

Rich, dense flavor with a sweet and sharp taste. Compliments meats (we especially like this drizzled over pork), salads, vegetables and don't forget...

Balsamic Vinegar - Black Currant

Venerated for their simplicity, elegance and versatility, truffles are a luxury. And we are very excited to introduce this savory Truffle Balsamic. Use with blander foods to showcase the brilliant truffle flavor.

Balsamic Vinegar - Black Truffle

Viewing 1 to 5 of 64 total Vinegars

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