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Basic Tasting Evaluation Guide:

Aroma - describe and evaluate taste, focusing on intensity and persistence.
Taste - describe and evaluate taste, focusing on bitterness/sweetness.
Pungency - describe and evaluate based on how intensively the burning sensation is on the tongue and throat while and after swallowing.
Mouth Feel Sensation - describe with a base ranging from astringent to greasy.
Balance - determine and evaluate the harmony of all sensory characteristics during the tasting.
Complexity - evaluate within scale of Simple/Fairly Complex/Complex (1-10)
Freshness - evaluate within scale using Old/Tired/Fresh(1-10)
Summarize Style - consider the oil's fruitiness (low, medium, high), bitterness (low, medium, high) and pungency (low, medium, high). Describe with the following terms: Mild, Medium and Robust.

Basic Olive Oil Defects:

Rancid - reminiscent of: old oil, stale nuts, old peanut butter, was crayons, paraffin and play-doh.
Fusty - reminiscent of: mushy black brined olives, old decomposing olives, sweaty socks, and gym cloths.
Muddy Sediment - reminiscent of: manure, vomit, bad salami, sewer dregs, pig farms, baby diapers.
Musty-Humid-Earthy - reminiscent of: mold and humidity.
Winey-Vinegary-Acid-Sour - reminiscent of: nail polish, solvent, yeast and vinegar.