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First Day of Spring

Refresh and Renew

During the Winter months, people often report feeling tired, bored, and just ready for warmer weather and the activities that come with the spring and summer months. This is a great time to encourage health and renewal among your customers. Taking this concept, you can literally create hundreds of different special campaigns, gift sets, and promotions to help your customers feel refreshed during the spring!

Tips for Spring Time Marketing and Promotions

- Put together special gift packs that feature a special olive oil and a flavored balsamic that features the flavor of a seasonal springtime fruit.

- Encourage Health - Offer special raw veggie recipes and balsamic and olive oil flavor solutions that promote detoxification and clarity. (After all of that Holiday eating that they've been doing!)

- Spring Cleaning - In the spirit of Spring cleaning, clean some old products and bring in some new flavors and ideas for the year.Bring in some bright colors and fresh decor to your store.

- Community - Take part in community activities (and even sponsor), special tree plantings, farmers markets, and agricultural events.

- Start thinking about Mother's Day and Easter - These are a few big events coming up that you can plan special gift packs and promos for!