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How To Order From Our Website

Login to the website.

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Your Account Page

Once you login you will be greeted with your account page. You account page consists of a Bulletin Board, your account information along with any past orders that you have made onto the website (except Pre Packed Bottle orders). Your Bulletin Board contains important information regarding the website, products and general Education information. Once you login our website you will also have access to Documentation, Nutrition Labels, Specifications Sheets, Pre Packed, Recipes and more under the Support tab.

Find Your Product. There are two ways to find the product that you are looking for. You can browse through our navigation and drill down through our categories or search.

Browse Through Our Categories


Select Your Product and Add it to the Shopping Cart. You can click on the image, name or View More button to select your product.

Select Your Product Options

Once you select your product options click on the Add To Cart button for the product to be added to your shopping cart.

Access The Shopping Cart. Once you have added all of the products you wish to order click on the Shopping Cart link.

Shopping Cart. Your Shopping Cart is where you can edit, remove or add items. Once you have confirmed your products and are ready to order click on the green Proceed to Checkout button.

Checkout. The Checkout process consists of shipping information, your shipping method (UPS, pick up or freight) and special instructions. Our website DOES NOT COLLECT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION

Billing Information Section

The Billing Information section is where you add or edit the Shipping Address. You can select Ship to this address or Ship to a different address. If you would like to ship to the address displayed in the drop down select the Ship to this address radial button.

Ship To A Different Address

To add a new address click on the drop down and select New Address.

Add the new addres information and select continue

Shipping Information

The Shipping Information section is where you select your shipping method. Your options are UPS, Pick up or Freight.

Special Requirements

The Special Requirments section goes directly to our customer service department. Here you will enter information such as Purchase order number, Shipping Requirements, pallet information (i.e. weight limit, height requirement), comments, and/or special requests.

Order Review

The Order Review section is where you double check your order. If you need to edit your order before you place it you can click on the Edit your Cart link. If your order is correct click on the Place your Order button.

Your Order is complete

Your order has been placed. You will recieve an email with your order information and order number.

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Cibaria International would like to thank you for your order. If you have any questions or need assistance you may contact our customer service department at [email protected]