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Mother's Day

Show the Love with Personalized Gift Sets and Food Inspiration

Our Mother's Day Marketing Tips and Ideas for Olive Oil Stores:

- Creative Mother's Day Gift Set Ideas that feature some favorite Oils and Balsamics paired with some of your featured pasta or salt products.

- Post a Reminder Poster in your Store a few weeks before Mother's Day approaches and have gift ideas ready!

- Let them Personalize it! How about some custom Mother's Day neck tags for your bottles that allow them to write in a pesonalized message! Or get creative with your own using cute olive oil terms and lingo.

- Don't forget grandmothers! Bring attention to grandmothers by offering special items for grandmothers as well!

- Set up a special Mother's Day tasting event for mothers and their daughters and sons. Offer a special discount or even a special dinner event as well. If the event requires tickets, advertise their availability in your store, and on your website. Be sure to alert the local media as well. They love cute story opportunities such as these.

- Cooking Mom Dinner - Encourage "cooking mom dinner" for Mother's Day! Themes such as this one show customers how your products really do incorporate into their everyday lives, and even special events such as Mother's Day.