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Olive Oil and Vinegar Educational Series

    Cibaria Store Supply is bringing you the latest and greatest in Olive Oil and Vinegar educational materials to increase your knowledge, as well as your customer's knowledge of these healthy oils and vinegars. These materials empower you with the ability to give your olive oil store customers some insight as to why olive oil and vinegars should be an integral part of their healthy diet. When customers ask about health polyphenol counts, and cholesterol concerns, you'll now be able to provide them with quality answers and materials that will keep them engaged and intrigued enough to come back to your store again and again.

We'll be adding new Educational Resources often - so Check Back Soon!

Olive Oil and Vinegar Educational Series Downloadable Materials      

- Polyphenols - Olive Oil's Secret Weapon For Good Health                             

- 15 Astounding Facts That You Never Knew About Olive Oil

- Specialty Oil Smoke Point Sheet

- Health Benefits in Spanish Olive Oil *NEW

- Balsamic Vinegars - A Weight Loss Ingredient? (Coming Soon!)