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Holiday message

  • Thanksgiving presents an opportunity to send a greeting to your clients that wishes them a happy holiday and reinforces awareness of your business. You can send out your Thanksgiving greeting as a regular card or as an e-mail greeting. If your business is small enough, you might consider including a personal message for long-term clients. In the message, you can make a Thanksgiving reference, such as how you are thankful to have them as a client, or you can announce holiday hours. You might also consider adding holiday recipes if it is appropriate for your business, or raise awareness about an event in which your business will be participating. Make recipes available within your store that feature your hand-picked Olive Oil and Vinegar Selections for the season.
  • Thanksgiving promotion

  • While Christmas promotions are common, you might want to consider a promotion or special before the rush of the holidays begin. A Thanksgiving special allows you to get in a marketing opportunity that will get clients thinking about your business and services before the start of the new year, increasing the chances of higher holiday sales. As an added bonus, your promotion is less likely to get lost around Thanksgiving because there are fewer holiday specials from competitors. Consider a special holiday discount, a free product with purchase of another, or free shipping.
  • Fall events

  • Depending on the type of business or organization you run, you can consider a Thanksgiving event as a marketing opportunity. Choose an event that will engage your target audience to increase awareness of your business and provide value to potential customers. Fall events that are likely to draw a crowd are corn mazes, pie-eating contests, a fall festival, or a booth at a local art fair. Consider the needs and interests of your target audience.
  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Thanksgiving inspires generosity in many people; you can take advantage of this spirit to do something good for the community while indirectly marketing your business. Consider sponsoring a dinner at a local homeless shelter and asking your employees to volunteer to help. Or provide funding for a local benefit concert, or donate supplies for a project to help local schools.