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National Pecan Day 

Don't forget the oils!

Highlight those pecan oils! We've got an amazing way to celebrate National Pecan Day (Yes, this is a real day, we didn't make this up), we've got THE most amazing Toasted Pecan Oil you have ever tasted in your life! Besides being absolutely delicious, it's also quite healthy as well!

Pecan Oil is one of the most heart-healthy oils available. Our Pecan Oil has a neutral flavor that enhances the flavor of the food being prepared and picks up the taste of the seasonings for all types of foods. It can be used as a butter substitute for healthy cooking and with a small amount of butter added; the flavor of the original recipe will be preserved. A high smoke point of 470 degrees allows for great sautéing, brazing, and stir frying and the ability to brown meats without burning.

With some searching online, you can fine some great recipes that feature pecans, and perhaps a few that use Toasted Pecan Oil as well!