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New Year's Eve

    Here comes events, glitz, glamour, and more amazing food at the tail-end of this holiday season blow-out. With a focus on finer dining, and even more appetizers and treats, this holiday is a sure hit with Olive Oil store owners and their customers. There are numerous opportunities to promote growth in your olive oil store during this great holiday. Unlike other holidays, this holiday's food generally focuses on smaller portions and appetizers, in addition to an assortment of cocktails and night-life events for adults and their friends and colleagues.

    There is no better way to promote a holiday in your olive oil store than to give people creative and clever ideas as to how to make it a more fun, more appetizing, and more memorable than ever before. Many people spend big bucks to ensure their new years eve goes off without a hitch, and people often find that the one thing that is critiqued the most if food and how it is presented.

Near Year's Olive Oil Store Tips

- Countdown to the Next Year in your Store - Put up a poster of calendar with a live countdown to New Year's eve. This will promote New Year's even before Christmas has even passed, and bring it to the forefront of your customer's minds.

- New Year's Eve Appetizer Card Hand-Outs: Hand out special New Year's recipe cards to those passing by your store.

- Formulate a New Year's Eve Olive Oil Tasting party kit. Smaller portions with many options will intrique many New Year's Eve party throwers to try this cute event in their own home or venue.

- Create a New Year's Eve Pack: Know the perfect olive oil for dipping? How about the best balsamic for the treats that New Year's even generally brings? Create your own party pack with 2-3 of your favorite options, and feature it within your store.

- Don't Forget those gifts! People are still shopping well after Christmas - since sometimes you won't see a friend or colleague until after the Holidays have passed. Be sure to stock last minute and "belated" Christmas gift packs, along with "thank you" packs and even special bottles that peope can bring with them as gifts for the event hosts at the events they attend.

- Devise Your Marketing with Your Customer's New Year's Goals in Mind: The number one New Year's resolution is to lose weight. Offer balsamic and recipe ideas for weight loss, and market to their resolution. Nicely designed posters and signs are ideal. Offer advice and materials on olive oil being a "healthy fat" and how it is beneficial to one's New Year's resolution for a healthier self. Other common New Year's resolutions to cater to include:

1. Spending More Time with Family and Friends.

2. Enjoy Life More

3. Learn Something New

4. Help People

5. Be Happy