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Quality Is More Than Just A Word, It's The Product That We Offer

Cibaria International

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About Cibaria Store Supply

Located in Southern California, Cibaria International has long been a leading supplier of olive oils and balsamic vinegars to every segment of the food industry. Kathy Griset, our founder and CEO, has traveled the world procuring the very finest products from some of the oldest and the most traditional olive oil and balsamic vinegar producing families in the Mediterranean, making them readily available to our customers.

Who We Sell To

Cibaria Store Supply sells to boutique Olive Oil Stores and Specialty Food Stores across America and Canada. Our products are sold to the trade only, and are packaged in bulk and wholesale quantities. Accounts can be created with us, and you may order from our website, once your account has been approved by Cibaria Store Supply.

Amazing Customer Service and Attention to Detail

Cibaria Store Supply offers quick, friendly service and a top-notch staff to ensure your orders and availability are just what you had hoped for...and then some. From opening a store to setting up freight Cibaria is here for you every step of the way!

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Why Our Products Are Considered High Quality

Quality Assurance: We stand behind our products 100%. A complete list of our certifications and associations are located at the bottom of this page. Customers with seller accounts can view all quality assurance documents and 3rd party audit information.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Our objective is to bring the highest quality and freshest single and multi-varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils available from around the world both Northern and Southern hemispheres. We have a strict vendor qualification program set in place and only those suppliers who meet and surpass the standards set forth by the International Olive Oil Council are approved. Every lot number of oil has been tested and as part of our documentation we have a certification of Analysis from an approved laboratory.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Our company is certified and audited yearly by Organic Certifiers of California. The products we offer are purchased under the same strict guidelines as our traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


Infused Olive Oils: Our infused olive oils are made with 100% Pure, refined olive oil (no pomace or lampante oils or canola). This particular oil is chosen for these particular infusions because the strong flavor of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil fights with the subtle flavorings of the fresh herbs. These oils are produced over a 6-8 week period during which time the artisan infusion takes place under strict supervision and continued testing. The resultant product showcases the aroma and taste of the herbs and spices infused into the oil


Fused Oils: By combining our flavored and infused olive oils, we have created an array of unique and creative taste treats. These contain both Extra Virgin and Pure Olive Oils.


Balsamic Vinegar: Our 25 star Balsamic Vinegar is from Modena, Italy and is an all-natural product. We have the product made especially for us by one of the most renouwned balsamic producers in Italy who have perfected their artisan craft over generations. The high amount of grape must in this product gives the thick viscosity and the decadent smooth, sweet taste without the use of thickeners or sweeteners nor do we adulterate the product with lesser grade vinegar. This is a winner in every dish and on every table. CAUTION: Once tried, this balsamic can not only be addictive but your imagination may go wild with creativity. This affordable 25 Star Balsamic trumps all.


Flavored Balsamic Vinegar: Using our 25 Star Balsamic Vinegar as a base we introduce all-natural concentrates and extracts to create a world of flavors. We are also introduction a line of savory flavored balsamics that are in an 8 star from Modena.


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Resources To Help You Sell

Whether you're new to Olive Oil Stores or a seasoned business owner, there's nothing wrong with more tools to help you sell. We offer a wide range of resources for our customers that help you sell your product. On our website you will find up-to-date specification sheets, nutrition labels and even a dictionary of common olive industry terms to help you stay above your competition. If you decide to work with Cibaria International you will notice our desire to go the extra mile for our customers because if you succeed then we succeed.

Quality Assurance Statements

Quality Assurance Statements

Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

Detailed Specification Sheets

Specification Sheets


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Choice is a wonderful thing

We have pretty much everything that you need to stock your store. Cibaria International has one of the largest selections of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, fustis, bottles and caps from around the world. We offer free samples to customers (limit 1 per product) so that you can taste the product before you buy. Each product has a detailed description along with nutrition and specification sheets (available to wholesale clients once you login to our website). We're constantly updating the products that we offer based upon customer feedback.

All Olive Oils

Wholesale Olive Oils

Extra Virgin

Wholesale Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Wholesale Infused Olive Oils

Naturally Flavored

Naturally Flavored Olive Oils


Wholesale Fused Olive Oils


Wholesale Organic Olive Oils


Wholesale Balsamic Vinegars

Specialty Items

Specialty Items


Olive Oil Accessories

Communication is key to a great relationship

Cibaria puts customer service first. From customer service to our I.T. department you will speak to someone eager to help you if you run into problems. Once you're a Cibaria customer you'll be notified via email of any major company news and product updates. Once your account is approved you will have the ability to see an abundant amount of information from product updates to new items in stock on our bulletin board.

Okay you convinced me to get an account now what?

All that you need to do is request an account. Once the request is received we will confirm your information. Once the information is confirmed you will receive an email with your login information. Due to the volume of inquiries it might take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.